How to Report Sexual Abuse

When somebody has been sexually violated at the hands of a helping professional, it is oftentimes hard to think straight, let alone be strong and confident enough to start taking the appropriate actions.  Not only is there the embarrassment and shame that one might feel, there is also the social stigma of coming forward to out the person responsible for the sexual abuse committed.

But here’s the thing, the sooner one can speak out, the better.  The statutes of limitations vary state to state, so time is of the essence.  Secondly, it is most likely that more than one person has been hurt, and the more that can speak out against the perpetrator, the more strength that each person has at having this person removed.

This is easier said than done. The first thing that one should do is get to a safe place and document the whole experience.  A close friend or family member should also be sought out to, not only to confide in, but to also help assist in what actions need to be taken when it seems too much for just one person alone.

Next, call the police and report the incident or incidents.  And if there was more than just touching, the police may ask for what is called a rape kit to properly document the evidence needed to go after the offender.  This may be a very emotionally difficult time, so be sure to have that person you trust the most with you the entire time.

After working with the police, it is imperative to contact the institution in which the person belongs to, whether it is a school, hospital or work place.  Each institution should have procedures and policies for such an event.

If the abuser was in the medical profession, the state medical board should also be alerted.  Needless to say, if there is a doctor or therapist that is sexually abusing patients, they do not have the right to practice medicine, period.

Beyond that, a call phone call for perusing legal action should be in order.  The damage done to a sexual abuse victim can be extensive and destroy one’s ability to feel safe in society, let along hold down a job.  In that case, a good lawyer can help obtain the resources needed to for quality medical and psychological treatment along with covering any wages lost.  Further more, a civil suit can aid in removing another bad helping professional from doing more harm.

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