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The Process

We use technology, education and transparent pricing to create win-win relationships. We've created a new model for the practice of law. Simply put, our definition of success is that everyone benefits from the process — client, lawyer, law firm, and society as a whole. It's not about billable hours. It’s about making a difference. As we grow to meet our clients’ needs, we’re expanding our current practice areas and also adding new practice areas. That’s where you come in. We’re looking for highly-qualified, enthusiastic and forward-thinking lawyers to join our team and share our vision.

The People

The driving force behind everything we do is people with a passion for changing the face of law. If you have an entreprenuerial spirit, you’ll love the free exchange of ideas you’ll find here.

The Place

Our headquarters in Southfield, Michigan is designed for interaction and collaboration. The work space reflects our forward-thinking, out-of-the-box approach. Instead of a hallway, we have a walking track where you can stretch your legs or have “walking meetings” with your colleagues. We have meeting rooms of all sizes — from board room to informal three-seat spaces. The right space sets the right tone for your meeting. It might seem like a small detail, but attention to detail is what makes our work environment exciting and unique.

We're all about energy. Our fully equipped lunchroom is a hub of activity. We also offer an exercise room and shower so you can fit that workout in to your busy schedule. The environment is a constant reminder that you’re part of something new, unique and exciting.

“Movement is a motivator. We wanted an environment that kept our team energized, healthy, productive, creative and connected - and a space that visitors were eager to spend time in.”

- Ari Kresch - Founder and CEO