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Detroit Police Senselessly Kill Family Dogs in Raid

Attorney Solomon Radner is working with a Detroit family, whose home was unjustly raided by police. During this raid their pets were needlessly shot, killing the mother dog and her puppy.

In this family's case against the Detroit Police, accounts from the officers vary widely, which fit neither the initial reports filed nor crime scene photos.

More Evidence that Social Media is Doing Nothing to Stop Terror Recruitment with Attorney Keith Altman

Attorney Altman, speaking with Deirdre Bolton on Fox's "Risk & Reward", presents more hard evidence supporting our argument that Facebook, Twitter and Google are not doing enough to stop terror recruitment and attacks by shutting down their accounts.

Included in this video is evidence pointing to a strong correlation between a very recent post and the attacks in Bangladesh.

1-800-LAW-FIRM and Excolo Law File Suit Against Google, Facebook & Twitter for Supporting Terror Recruitment

Nohemi Gonzalez, 23, of El Monte, California, was the only American killed in the November 2015 Paris shootings that left over 125 people dead.

This week, her father, Reynaldo Gonzales, filed suit against Twitter, Facebook and Google for allowing the explosive growth in recruitment and acts of terror for the terrorist group ISIS, and profiting off their posts with paid advertisements, with profit sharing opportunities through Google's Youtube platform.

For a detailed account of the case, you can read the entire complaint here.

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Our Lawsuit Shines a Light on Michigan's Conspiracy to Cover Up the Flint Water Poisoning

On behalf of hundreds of Flint Residents, and with the help of Bern Ripka, we have filed a lawsuit against the State of Michigan for willfully conspiring to pipe poisoned water into the City of Flint in order to balance the budget. Add to that, to keep their scheme working, misrepresenting the qualify of the water, despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

With corrosive agents in the Flint River being fed directly into the homes of Flint Residents, it not only lead to damage of both private and public infrastructure, but also most infamously, to the lead poisoning of Flint's most vulnerable residents – it's youth.

For a detailed account of the charges, you can read the entire complaint here.

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Attorney Solomon Radner Files Lawsuit Against Grosse Pointe Farms and Grosse Pointe Woods Police Departments Alleging Murder Cover Up

On January 12th, 2010, Grosse Point mother JoAnn Matouk Romain suspiciously disappeared after a prayer service at a Catholic church at Lake St. Clair. After 70 days, her body turned up 30 miles away in the Detroit River. Despite evidence to the contrary, the police were very quick to label this a case of suicide.

With the help of her surviving children, and our attorney Solomon Radner, the case of her death will not be put to rest until the truth comes out about what really happened that evening back in 2010.

For a detailed account of the entire case, you can read it here at the Detroit Free Press.

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