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Nothing can be as frightening as being laid off from a job and then being denied the Unemployment benefits you deserve. Sleepless nights and daily anxiety are the exact things that you do not need while looking for a new job.

Unemployment Insurance is a public fund that all employers pay into for just such a life-changing event. Unless you were let go for misconduct, or left of your own free will, you are more than likely entitled to these benefits.

However, as we see on the news, the Unemployment Insurance Agency of Michigan (UIA) has been denying plenty of people who rightfully deserve this insurance money in order to get by.

The reasons for being denied can vary, but fighting for your case can be daunting and nearly impossible. And while you are looking for a full time job, making countless phone calls and filling out numerous forms is incredibly stressful and time consuming.

That's why you're here.

After almost an entire decade as an Administrative Law Judge for the UIA, Attorney Marshall Disner now dedicates his practice to litigating on behalf of his clients who have been unfairly denied or accused of fraud.

Because he knows exactly how to navigate each unique situation, you should give a call to the number above, fill out the form below or text him directly at 734-249-8281 for a free case review.

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