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Michigan Unemployment Insurance Fraud

The Michigan Unemployment Insurance Agency (the Agency) inaccurately accused thousands of residents of committing fraud.

If you have been falsely accused, you need an attorney to sort out this mess.

Unemployment Fraud Key Topics That Everyone Should Know:

  • Claimants accused of UIA Fraud have only 30 days to respond to a Determination or Redetermination alleging misrepresentation, even though some receive no notice at all.
  • The State of Michigan can and does garnish weekly wages and confiscates both state and federal tax returns if restitution is not paid.
  • The financial penalties can be over 400% of the amount the recipient received while on unemployment in addition to the original amount.
  • These accusations of Unemployment Fraud stay on your record and the fines cannot be discharged if you file for bankruptcy.

Nobody should be accused of misrepresentation or fraud after honestly applying for benefits he or she is entitled to. Nor should they have their assets or tax refunds seized by a computer error.

Call 1-800-LAW-FIRM and let former Unemployment Administrative Law Judge Marshall C. Disner fight for your rights. You can also text Marshall directly on his cell phone at 734-249-8281.

What Marshall's Clients Are Saying:

Quite frankly, this is an amazing result and lifted a scary financial burden from my son’s shoulders. Brian L.

Marshall was always prompt, and he did exactly everything that he said he was going to do... he did not waste any time, and he knew the system inside out. Jack B.

I didn’t have to make those phone calls; I could go to work and do my job and know that Marshall was going to be able to handle it. Ben L.

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